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Project: Flensborg

All student mobilities will be based on the framework outlined in the description of the practical arrangement. Furthermore, the methodology linked to the group work, assessments and expected results of it will be identical to the description in (C2). We want to create two almost identical student mobilities to be able to work into depths with the assessment tools developed at the teachers' meeting. In addition to this, the objectives with the development of teachers' and students' professional and personal competence is still the focus of this mobility. Possible changes to this mobility will be based on the evaluation of the first mobility and hence impossible to describe at this stage.

This section will therefore focus on how the theme SDG #7 "Sustainable energy" will be used for the mobility and other specific circumstances linked to Duborg-Skolen being the host this time, namely week 12, 2020. Firstly, in order to create team spirit among the European participants of the meeting in Flensburg, Duborg-Skolen will make use of several activities ranging from icebreakers, to


cooking and sport. As an icebreaker, it would be nice to have a speed date activity so students get to know their partners and several ice breaker activities which are focussed on cooperation skills and social interaction. Moreover, during the week the students of the hosting school will cook traditional/typical food from the own culture/country and show their cultural background through this activity. Additionally, in each conference, the students will perform in a sports activity. Research has shown that sports activities improve students' social skills and will stimulate the students to cooperate and communicate. Secondly, at Duborg-Skolen the students will make good use of the new science center to make experiments, discuss some of the challenges facing companies working with solar energy, biogas, wind energy, etc. and talk about the reactions of German politicians.


Moreover, the students will get the opportunity to visit the Danish company Vestas in Husum in order to hear about its role as the energy industry's global partner on sustainable energy solutions. Finally, Duborg-Skolen plans to invite another local stakeholder from Husum, Germany, who participates in the yearly Husum Wind, which is the German wind trade fair and congress. As the German platform for cutting-edge technology, variety and innovative power of the German market and surrounding regions, the exhibition reflects the whole lifecycle of a wind turbine. In addition, this local stakeholder will be of particular interest to the students since there are also current political and technical topics on the agenda.

At the end of this mobility, the teachers will have a teachers' evaluation of this years' activities. The dates for the travelling activities for the next school year need to be decided, and arrangements and agreements for the teachers' mobility in November 2020 need to be discussed.

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